Structure of RSG Funding 

  • RSG has its own budget
  • It is divided into different functions of RSG.
  • VP of Funding gets own allocation.
  • This allocation is used for the funding board, building governments, and for RA programs.

Funding Board Structure

  • One funding chair (to be elected) for each residence hall or area.
  • Meetings are 7 PM – 8 PM every Wednesday.
  • Each application is voted on by only the funding chairs.
  • Decisions are by majority vote.
  • Funding chairs can decide to give a lower percentage of funding through a motion and a second.

Applying for Funding

  • Must first have approval from your RCC for your program.
  • Applications are through Wufoo, located on the website (
    • Funding tab >> Funding Application
  • You must include an itemized budget with every application.
  • You must apply for funding in a percentage of your program.
    • This is because programs end up costing more or less than the planned amount.
  • If your program ends up costing less than your projected amount, you will receive the approved percentage of the actual cost of the program.
  • If your program ends up costing more than your projected amount, you will receive the approved percentage of the projected cost of the program.
  • Program applications must be submitted at least two weeks before the program date.
  • If your program is over $1000, you must give a presentation about your program at one of our Wednesday night meetings.
    • Exception: Programs under $200 may be submitted only one week before the program date.
  • Failure to meet these deadlines will result in no funding.
  • At some times, the funding board may choose to fund 0% of a program because of a concern or cost. They may vote to send your application back for revision with recommendations. It will then be evaluated at the following week’s meeting. This is why applications are due two weeks before the program date.
  • There is no reimbursement funding or retroactive funding.
  • RSG can only fund gifts and prizes up to $75
  • Funding results from our Wednesday meetings will be posted before Thursday at 12 PM every week on the RSG website. (Funding >> Results)

Receiving Funding

  • Any program funded by RSG in any percentage MUST have the RSG logo on any flyers, posters, or digital media posts.
    • Failure to meet this requirement will result in a funding application hold of two weeks.
  • Your RCC will be notified of your application funding.
  • You and your RCC will plan purchasing on your area credit card.
  • They will later be credited the allocated amount after receipts are returned.

After the Program

  • It is compulsory that you complete a Program Evaluation Program (PEP) after your event has happened.
  • This is due one week after your program date
  • Linked to your program application is a PEP reminder email.
  • You must attach all receipts to your PEP.
    • If you do not attach receipts, RSG is not responsible for funding that amount in the total cost of the program.
  • Failure to complete the PEP on time will result in a funding application hold of two weeks.

Other Sources of Funding

  • Building Government Funds
    • They will have their own funding system, created at the funding chair’s discretion
    • Annual allocation decreases if not used
  • RCC Funds
  • RA Floor Funds
  • Some faculty masters have funds


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