Meet the leaders of our different boards.


Linda Gudiel

The President of RSG serves as the figure of Residential Student Government and maintains ultimate responsibility for the organization.

4th year
Major: Psychology


Office Hours: 
Monday: 1-2 pm 
Tuesday 11-12 pm , 3:30-4:30 pm
Wednesday: 1-2 pm
Thursday: 11-12 pm

Heather Lee
Vice President of Advocacy

The Vice President of Advocacy oversees and plans Residential Student Government’s initiatives to voice the issues of USC students.

3rd year
Major: Business Administration and Communication
Minor(s): Enterprise Information Systems

Office Hours:
Tuesday: 9-10am & 4-5pm
Wednesday: 3-5pm

Julyanna Mendez
Vice President of Community Outreach

The Vice President of Community Outreach oversees and plans community outreach initiatives of Residential Student Government.

3rd year
Major: Non Governmental Organizations and Social Change (Pre-Law)
Minor(s): Computer and Digital Forensics 

Office Hours:
Tuesday: 12:00-1:30pm
Friday: 9-10:30am

Jonathan Lee
Vice President of Funding

The Vice President of Funding oversees the monetary decisions that Residential Student Government makes as a organization.


2nd year
Major: Business Administration
Minor(s): Environmental Studies and Professional & Managerial Communication

Office Hours:
Monday: 11am-12pm
Wednesday: 11am-12pm, 2-3pm
Tuesday: 10-11am

Alysia Wang
Vice President of Programming

The Vice President of Programming oversees and plans programs that span a spectrum of topics (i.e. diversity, community, etc.) in order to enhance the residential experience at USC.

3rd year
Major: Architecture
Minor(s): 3D Design 

Office Hours:

Tuesday: 12:30-2pm
Thursday: 12:30-2pm, 3:30-4:30pm

Justin Ku
National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) President

The NRHH President serves as the representative for The National Residence Hall Honorary Chapter of USC. Learn more about NRHH here.

3rd year
Major: Computer Science (Pre-Medicine)

Office Hours:
Tuesday, Thursday 12-2 pm


Meet this year's coordinators.


Manisha Sajnani
Administrative Coordinator

The Administrative Coordinator serves as the communicator between Executive Board and General Board and internal relations within the organization.


3rd year
Major: Biological Sciences
Minor(s): Public Health 

Office Hours:
Monday 2-4 pm
Thursday 2-3pm

Alyssa Sanchez
National Communications Coordinator

The National Communications Coordinator serves as Residential Student Government’s official communicator with the other residence hall institutions.They also lead a group of delegates to conferences to represent USC on a regional level.

3rd year
Major: Biological Sciences

Office Hours:
Monday 1-2 pm
Tuesday 2-3 pm
Wednesday 1-2 pm

Gabrielle Leow
Public Relations Coordinator, Webmaster

The Public Relations Coordinator is responsible for all official publicity efforts of Residential Student Government.


2nd year
Major: Cinema and Media Studies
Minor(s): East Asian Languages and Cultures 

Office Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 4-5pm

Rachel Krusenoski
Social Justice and Inclusion Coordinator

The Social Justice and Inclusion Coordinator plans programs and campaigns to spread awareness for diversity and inclusion issues in order to build a stigma-free campus.

2nd year
Major: International Relations and the Global Economy
Minor(s): Environmental Studies

Office Hours:

Tuesday: 2-5 pm
Wednesday: 12-1 pm


Meet our Advisor for the year. 


Erin Hunter
RSG Advisor & Assistant Director of Residential Education

The Faculty Advisor serves as a faculty supervisor of Residential Student Government and serves as the communicator between Residential Student Government and Residential Education.