Serving the residents of the University of Southern California

Founded in 1988, Residential Student Government serves all students who live in University housing by providing them with ways to enhance and contribute to their residential experience at the University of Southern California. RSG, acting as a liaison between students, faculty and administrators, expresses a unified voice to build community, empower residents, and create opportunities for academic excellence and leadership development. Made up of six boards: Advocacy, Building Government President, Community Outreach, Funding, Honorary and Programming, RSG strives to act as a resource by coordinating and promoting all phases of student development and self-government, while representing the residential community on both regional and national levels.

In the spring of 2013, USC’s housing government celebrated the 25th Anniversary of its founding. In the fall of 2013, University Residential Student Community changed its name to Residential Student Government.

RSG is under Residential Education (ResEd) which includes the network of Resident Assistants (RAs), Assistant Residential Coordinators (ARCs), and Residential Coordinators (RCs).

Organization Breakdown

RSG Executive Board

President, Heather Lee
Vice President of Advocacy, Isaac Lemus
Vice President of Community Outreach, Erica Mast
Vice President of Funding, Tristan Caparas
Vice President of Programming, Selamay Seife
NRHH President, TBA
Administrative Coordinator, Grace Martinez
National Communications Coordinator, Manisha Sajnani
Public Relations Coordinator, Lauren Klass
Advisor, Jack Trump

RSG General Board

Advocacy Board (14 Advocacy Chairs)
Building Government Presidents (14 BG Presidents)
Community Outreach Board (14 Community Outreach Chairs)
Funding Board (14 Funding Chairs)
Programming Board (14 Programming Chairs)
Social Justice and Inclusion Board (14 SJI Chairs)

Building Government Composition
Mandatory Positions

Building Government President
Advocacy Chair
Community Outreach Chair
Funding Chair
Programming Chair
Social Justice and Inclusion Chair

Intramural Sports Chair, Eco-Representative

Additional Positions

Floor Senators
Public Relations Chair
Health and Wellness Chair
Vice President

Building Governments

New North Residential College
Birnkrant Residential College

South Residential College

West Residential College

Parkside International Residential College
Arts & Humanities Residential College

McCarthy Honors Residential College

Cale/Irani Residential College (Village Building 6)

Priam Residential College (Village Building 7)

Bohnett/Nemirovsky Residential College (Village Building 8)

Cowlings/Illium Residential College (Village Building 9)

Cardinal Gardens Apartments

Century Apartments

GradFam East and West